Disaster Risk Reduction

(Drought, Flood, and Debris Flow) Disaster Risk Reduction is a 3 credit course in the 2nd semester of MTPBA. Below are course materials of the first part of semester (Lecture 1 to 7) in the form of pdf or pptx format.

DRR00 Preface.pdf;
DRR00 Preface.pptx
DRR01 Disaster Risk Reduction.pdf;
DRR01 Disaster Risk Reduction.pptx
DRR02 Disaster Preparedness and Resilience.pdf;
DRR02 Disaster Preparedness and Resilience.pptx
DRR03 Flood DRR.pdf, 20.35 MB
DRR04 Debris Flow DRR, 8.83 MB
Perbandingan unjuk kerja DPS tipe terbuka dan tertutup, 3.73 MB

Course Schedule

Week Topic Sub-topic
1 Introduction to Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Hazards and Disaster
2 Disaster Preparedness and Resilience
  • Disaster Management
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster Resilience
3 Flood Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Flood Origin
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Flood Control Structures
4 Flood Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Flood Routing
  • Mathematical Model
5 Site Visit
  • Site Visit to Rivers in Yogyakarta and/or Jawa Tengah
6 Debris Flow Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Debris Flow and Lahar Flood
  • Lahar Flood Control Structures
7 Debris Flow Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Sabo Works
  • Sabo Works in Merapi
8 Mid-Semester Examination
9 Introduction and
  • Terminology and Definition
  • Flood and Drought Records
10 Drought Management
  • The Basic Principles of Drought Management
  • Traditional Drought Management
  • Paradigm of Drought Management
  • Drought Mitigation Efforts
  • Managing Drought and Water Scarcity in Vulnerable Environments
11 Drought Index
  • Indicators For Drought Characterization
  • Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)
  • Effective Drought Index (EDI)
12 Water Conservation in Urban Area
  • Supply Management
  • Demand Management
13 Water Conservation in Rainfed Area
  • Techniques of Water Conservation in Rainfed Agriculture
  • Rainwater Management Measures
14 Water Conservation
  • Water Conservation in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Irrigation Water Requirements
  • Water Efficient Irrigation Techniques
15 Drought Mitigation
  • Paper Review
16 End-semester Examination